Sub Box for my Hatchback.

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Sub Box for my Hatchback. Empty Sub Box for my Hatchback.

Post  MainSubject on Sat Oct 29, 2011 8:25 am

Looking around on the forum I noticed no one had any posts in this category. So I've decided to be the first I guess. Hopefully to get things flowing, since audio systems can go from basic to very creative in their own ways.
Now if my pictures don't work, bear with me because I've never done a post with pictures. So as I'm doing this I'm also experimenting lol.

So long story short, my first vehicle was a 97 Dodge Ram 1500, regular cab. It did have more room behind the seats than other makes and models, however it was still a truck with a bench seat. There were no boxes I could find to fit behind the seats, leading me to build my first sub boxes. they came out pretty good I feel for my first time, and sounded quite good given the fact that it was in such a small cabin. After I got my 94 hatch, I started learning the car, typically I was in awe over the mini-me tail-gate, after that blew by I notices a 3/4 piece of plywood for the floor. At which point i removed it, finding a spare, the jack, and some other lost items underneath. After taking the tire and everything else out, I realized how much room I had. Then the ideas started to flow, and building began!

Comfortably having about 6" in depth, and I believe 17"Wx21"L for a base board where the spare sat, I built up from there. Angling my walls, and making a new sub floor, with two 12"s and a raised cover to protect them Very Happy

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This is after I built it. I never took pictures during the build because I wanted the sub box in a bumping, and I didn't think I'd be putting this up as a thread. So I'm sorry, any questions you have about it I can answer.

And the finished product, with a strut brace that I fabricated.

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Hope for those of you who looked didn't find this a total waste of your time lol, and sorry for the blurry photos, I used my phone.

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Sub Box for my Hatchback. Empty Re: Sub Box for my Hatchback.

Post  Zen Chameleon on Mon Oct 31, 2011 2:38 am

Thankz for posting it up. I'm sure we would enjoy more pics and details if ya have anything more to add. Oh and you'll have to resize those pics to 640x480 or whatever that pre-set is to make them show the whole picture. I need to see if I can get this site to resize them on it's own but I havn't looked yet.
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