Y8 with slightly higher compression, N/A rebuild.

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Y8 with slightly higher compression, N/A rebuild. Empty Y8 with slightly higher compression, N/A rebuild.

Post  MainSubject on Mon Aug 13, 2012 9:39 pm

hey guys, it's been a while since ive been on ha. So since last time, i sold my hatch due to the shell being past saving. and got a clean 97 ex from Florida, needed a head gasket so i got it cheap. a month after i got it she started developing a rod knock, and finally went months after. So I'm in the process of rebuilding it. and I cant afford a turbo build right now, so I figured i'd up the compression to around 10.5.1 from the stock 9.6.1, running on 91 octane since that's the highest in Maine. from there I plan to do suspension seems how ive already started that with lowering springs and shocks along with camber correction. My desire of a little more torque out of the motor is where I ask what should i pick up for pistons? and I have a Z6 crank thats in better shape than the Y8 one. and i read online, along with pictures of the micrometer of the journals being the same as well as the stroke. So i thought id use that for the extra oil ports. other than which pistons i should use, i was going to do a 3 angle valve job, and maybe decking the head by .010 thousands. any opinions and information would be awesome and appreciated. I'm trying to get it running again to drive, since i had to revert to my truck and its a gas hog. thanks guys!

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